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Sensory Play Groups

Sensory play groups are geared towards young children (ages 6 to 8) who need support with peer interaction, focusing on pro-social behavior and social communication skills.  Areas of focus include strengthening verbal expression, reading facial cues, reading gestures, recognizing and labeling emotions in self and others, appropriate emotional expression, body awareness, problem solving, empathy, and self regulation.

The groups focus on helping children experience having friends and being part of a group.  In this supportive environment children grow in their ability engage with peers in a meaningful way, develop confidence, and develop a foundation for future relationships.

The groups combine movement, social games and play to increase children’s social skills.  Emphasis is placed on playing with peers, having good sportsmanship, learning how to enter and exit play, problem solving and negotiation, taking turns, sharing, and cooperation.  Simple group motor games, games often played at birthday parties, common recess games, and board games are used to teach new skills.