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OT Month comes to a close with words from Melodie

May 1st, 2016 | Posted by Melodie in Blog

tumblr_n3csi1q2Zs1t9xxf4o1_400What I love about OT is that we get to do things- not just talk about them.  Within every OT session, there is an opportunity to try something new or gain a skill. We get to use swinging, throwing and catching balls, cooking, brushing teeth, making crafts, exercising and playing games every day. As and OT, I get to be a problem solver. I get to  be a detective to figure out why there is a problem and then work to figure out a solution. My favorite OT  quote is this quote by Mary Reilly, an OT,  “Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health.”

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