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Building Writing Skills

August 21st, 2014 | Posted by Melodie in Blog
Does this creeper know the benefits of writing on a chalkboard?

Does this creeper know the benefits of writing on a chalkboard?

Writing on a vertical (up and down) surface helps to promote an efficient pencil grasp position. Writing on a vertical surface, engages the shoulder muscles to work against gravity which promotes the development of the arm strength and stability. This position also encourages an extended wrist position and improved grip needed for writing. An added benefit of using the chalkboard is the slight resistance needed to write with the chalk and the feeling of the chalk moving on the board. This provides greater feedback to the child’s sensory system to improve learning new movement patterns.

There are a variety of easy to access vertical surfaces such as a chalkboard, an easel, the wall (tape on paper) filing cabinet (and instant magnet center!), refrigerator, washer/dryer, or a table tipped on it’s side. When working on a vertical surface, the paper or work should be positioned just above eye level.

Put these activities into vertical and watch your children have fun while developing more efficient hand skills for writing

Grrrr….Grr...Grrr….. Minecraft creepers come in many forms

Minecraft creepers come in many forms

We will be building many new skills in our Budding Writers Group starting on October 3, 2014. Our OT team will work with parents and their children to find fun ways to gain the skills that will help with handwriting. Click here for more details about Fall 2014 Groups.

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